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Cleaned out Gigabytes of garbage

Wondered why my browsers were lagging. The cache was filled to the rim!! Had lot of useless junk on my Mac. This thing cleared it out! Love the graphic interface. This thing works. It gave me 5 GB back! Yes I would recommend it to people. Get this if you forget to delete useless temp files and cache in your browsers

Fast scan, quick to delete everything

Also, it lets you check up on everything before you delete them. By far the best disk cleaner I’ve used to date

It’s alright

As another reviewer mentioned, this app will delete some caches that you actually don’t want to touch, most of the time. The biggest problem with it for me is the extremely dumbed down interface. No options, just ON/OFF switches. No mention of what the caches, logs, or even browser data is. And to be honest, this app doesn’t go in-depth as much as something free, like Onyx, which does a much better job at this sort of thing, if it looks a little clunkier.


very good app, i download and delete a lot of things. This app helps to clean disk

Disk Doctor does the same for free

I tried both apps and Disk Doctor does the same job for free.

thank you!!!!

Great application, thank you!



Good App for free space

It’s a good App for free space in you Mac HD. Fast and secure.


Clean and Fast!


…very Nice. But I don’t know: Maybe i lost something important...


Just don’t use it. It killed my chrome, made it unusable. Don’t ask me why, what … it is just mad and stupid to delete all app cache data..

Nice tool!

Disk Diag is a nice tool! I love it! Thanks for this! R. Backes

I like this App

A small, fast and helpful little app.


This is simply a program trying to sell other programs. You can’t even choose another disk to clean. Nothing you can not do manually. Keep away.

Simple & Easy

Keeps what the description promises. Free space on disk with unused files. The interface could have more glenz, but that’s not that important.

Very easy to use

It never deleted something important but saved me Gigabytes of space.

Too dangerous even for less experienced users

The app does not allow seperation of deffierent discs connected. If you have a backup drive in your macbook card reader slot as I do and hit go you pretty much risk a lot, especially with large file detection switched on --> this is a no go! It should be possible to select the disc to scan/exclude files. In addition. There isn´t even a log file available to see what exacatly has been deleted. As I dont grant sudo rights I dont expect too much to happen in the real dangerous areas, however, for some people also the deleted of an important file placed in the wrong folder leads to catastrophic issues. I dond like apps that try to think for me - Mama always knows best!

Love it….

It’s exactly what i’ve been looking for!! It’s about time..thank you

It does what it’s supposed to do - and very well

I have nothing much to say but that this app is simple and does what it is supposed to do well.

So far so good, but stop asking me for a rating

So far this app seems very good. I will admit that each time I use it it asks me to rate it, so I am currently rating it in the hopes that it will stop asking me to do so. It has so far done what it states it does, which is all I really ask for with an app. If it now stops asking me to rate it, I will edit this and give it a higher rating. I only give it 4 stars due to the fact that I don’t feel that an app that I paid for should keep asking me to rate it. I have now posted a review, and it still asks me to review it. I think I now understand the extremely high amount of reviews this app has. To be honest, I find this quite annoying. I paid for this app. I rated this app. Stop asking me to review it.

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